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Within this working structures the ground on which to construct is the human communication creating spaces of dialogue as it has always been . The weakness of humanity can be also interpreted as a radiant admission of the divine. Sounds complicated and in reality it is!

Lasvit‘s illumination is opening a gap in the dark grey world of monotonous forms and through surprise and astonishment is creating a sensation of warmth and well-being.
Fundamental to design is pleasure and joy in everyday experience. Lasvit has transformed glass into one of the most intriguing materials in the world.

Zitanpixel by Stephan Hamel is a carpet exhibition curated by Francesca Alfano Miglietti at NONOSTANTE MARRAS. Opening from November 10th 2016 to January 9th 2017.
Exhibits include a series of gyspy-style rugs that Hamel has transformed to turn them into unique pieces. FULL TEXT PDF ENG - ITA

Rugs are the first thing that make you feel at home. It was through my Russian grandmother that I learned to love floral rugs.
I often wonder why it happened. Is it because of my fascination in the Russian tradition of floral rugs or due to my memory of my grandmother? The ZITANPIXEL rug collection are original pieces from the 1920s to the 1970s, woven in Romanian and Hungarian villages. The carpets are original, hand woven in wool in the tradition of the Romanian Rom Women throughout the whole of the last century. The era of the pieces range from 1920s to the 1970s, with the more recent pieces shown by a mix of synthetic fluorescent colors. As originals, some pieces had minor imperfections, which have been lovingly restored by craftsmen who value their vintage... FULL TEXT PDF ENG - ITA - DE

Designed by the Campana brothers, Edition by Stephan Hamel.
Twelve columns in white Carrara marble with a base covered with rare Cardoso grey marble. The stainless steel base is supplied in eight pieces, each with twenty sections. There is remote controlled system which adjusts the rhythm of each water fountain. This Fontana Etruria is dedicated to water and the important benefits of this essential element. The marble menhirs function as purifiers and symbolise the regenerative power of water, ever present despite world’s present day crisis of pollution.

This project starts from a personal life experience. This is certainly the creative outburst of ambulant salesman who loves the creative exchange in a world where you need to defend with your claws any form of expression that could obfuscate the image of somebody else.
The carpets are the result of a model house for a Chinese client. This Starhouse was done for a fair during the Expo 2010 in Shanghai. I looked for a Historical atmosphere where the western world wants to meet the oriental with all that cultural deepness that give to our house a certain uniqueness. The western world prefers to forget the Opium war and wants to sell. While China is coming out of a period of rigidity and looks in luxury a win win reality. The fascination is the research of this paradigm and the intensity that could offer a productive dialogue. The jewels were conceived from the garbage of the Campana products as a gift to Roberta Bini. When Ettore Sottsass noticed them he congratulated the lady and I decided to make a brand out of it. Roberta became the creative partner since she don't belong to mechanism.

The Chinese market was at that time very difficult since one had to define the desires of the final costumers deeply, before the costumer understood what his desire was or will be. I made a long research of the Chinese culture and how our culture and our status symbols impose ourselves on this. The attached pdf contains The Little Red Book of Luxury. I tried to follow the steps of the great conductors of the Empire.

I developed for the community as for the owners this gorgeous little spot that is ideally ment to gather the locals and to give to the tourists a taste of the area. The former owner Viviana Viviani passed the place to their grandkids and to restore the glories of the seventies some typical icons of that period where chosen, together with the colors of the sunset and some Campana collages.

Located in an ancient village of Tuscany.

A program to interact between the community and the outside world. Monteggiori is a Etruscan village that became powerful in the Middle ages. The unique atmosphere gives to the events a special set up.

(2005) "Alexander the Great Coming Back From India Stopped in Monteggiori"
A special party. From belly dancers to Bollywood music 600 persons were enjoying the unique atmosphere of the ageless village.

(2003) "The Roman Decadence Never Stopped"
This Party was shot by Massimo Vitali which has been a brilliant PR action for the whole region.

(2002) "Acidolattico" Fashion show
Instead of organizing an exhibition of paintings, I made a defilè only for women of the village, also the people from Armani came to get inspired.

(2001) "Baroque Party"
Raja Maria Schwahn Reichmann my baroque cousin decorated the whole village and the costumes of participants were impressive.